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Focus on the new development direction

In the past 30 years of business, we treated millions of single important freight, but we are not going to loosen body and mind. On the contrary, we are to accept new challenges, and are looking for innovative ways to push forward logistics business. If you have yet to find your needs,Please immediately contact area international logistics co., LTDAnd see what we can take steps to help your business development.

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The first-class service

When it comes to your goods, we asked our partner always maintain the highest standard of care.But, when you need we handle special sensitive cargo, we have the ability to finish your work entrusted to us.We trusted first-class service partners to deal with:

  • Out of the box, set up and removal of packing
  • Promotion service
  • Trade fair for delivery and pickup
  • Entertainment services (including concerts, fashion shows and film shows)
    The high value goods
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Professional service

Each load are different.Unlike many of our competitors, we use their partnership to provide warehousing, transport trailer and the library service.We also carry dangerous materials and oil tankers capable of supporting load, including the need to get two certified load at the same time.

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Supply chain consulting

Our way to provide highly customized supply chain requirements to help you.Our team have enough bandwidth to create a new mode of vertical to support your business opportunities.

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Business intelligence

Information is power.That is what we are in accordance with the need for customers and carriers, to provide the KPI report and real-time market insight.

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