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Multimodal transport complex, but our experience to insure the goods for you efficient, economic and environmental protection of transportation. International logistics co., LTD., in the field of expert team, all-weather work, using them for the operation of the railway network and deep understanding, can ensure that your goods can be sent on time and with the most preferential price for transport. At the same time, we can also use a large number of specialized equipment to prevent the damage to the goods and delay in transport.

  • Optimization of multimodal transport connection point
  • Signed the contract with the north American all serie a
  • With the industry's largest carriers, a partnership based on assets
  • Relations with regional carriers, and a specific market continued to expand
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Long-term sustainable development

Shipping is one of the important origin cause global carbon emissions.This is what we become the us environmental protection agencySmartWayPlan a proud partner of reason - we take itself seriously tread.We can also provide you with the entire supply chain can be used to reduce the emissions of technical advice.To you and we can also measure and report emissions, in order to assist you in internal sustainability development efforts

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