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We are able to provide a comprehensive range of convenient and cost-effective that prides itself on warehousing services. International logistics co., LTD., in the field of five strategic warehouse location and powerful third-party network improve the flexibility of the storage and delivery timeliness, and our leading technology system allows you to inventory and dynamic real-time monitoring and tracking. We even these data can be integrated into your existing business systems.

Our warehousing services include:

  • Short term and long term storage
  • The library work
  • Reverse logistics and inventory management
  • Picking and delivery service
  • Bonded facilities
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Business across the continent

Our global capabilities are not limited to transport the goods.If hovering over the map, you can see exactly what we've seen in North America can provide you with help of warehouse location.(if you need to store in other places, with a, pleaseContact a sales representative, we will find a reliable partner to meet your requirements.)

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Logistics operation in the field of warehouse number

Global operations in a warehouse
Square feet storage area
Of the professional library staff